How To Advise An Angry And Greedy Dying Person?

Question: How can I advise an angry and greedy person who is dying to let go of her grudges and greed for money?

Answer: Remind her that as her angry state of mind will affect her next life adversely, possibly leading to an unfortunate rebirth, when she feels anger, she should just dissolve it with sincere mindfulness of Buddha, until there is peace of mind. Do the practice with her too, to show how it should be done.

On money matters, remind her that since she cannot bring even a cent to the next life, she should forget about money. Now that she is about to depart with more than a cent unspent, she is already well-to-do. What left is to have a well blessed mind with mindfulness of Buddha, to reach his Pure Land, where everything is pure and precious, yet available for all.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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