With The Mind Still Are Desires Eradicated 心寂欲除

有人患淫不止,欲自除阴。佛谓之曰:『若断其阴,不如断心。心如功曹,功曹若止,从者都息。邪心不止,断阴何益?』佛为说偈:『 欲生于汝意,意以思想生。二心各寂静,非色亦非行。』佛言:『此偈是迦叶佛说。』

— 释迦牟尼佛
《四十二章经》: 第三十一章

There was a person who suffered from lust unceasingly, who desired to self-eradicate his genitals. The Buddha spoke to him, “If severing those genitals, it is not as good as to sever that lustful mind. The mind is like a police chief, with the police chief if ceased, those following will all cease. With the evil mind not ceased, with severing of genitals, what benefit [is there?” The Buddha for him spoke this] verse, “Desires are born from your intentions, and intentions are with thinking born. With both minds, each still and quiet, there will be no form and also no activity.” The Buddha said, “This verse was by Kāśyapa Buddha spoken.”

— Śākyamuni Buddha
(Sūtra Of 42 Sections: 31st Section)

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