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– 文殊菩萨
(华严经: 净行品: 第120-122偈)

If eating meals,
[reflect that] ‘May sentient beings,
[have] meditative bliss as food,
[with] Dharma joy be filled fully.’

If receiving tastes [of food],
[reflect that] ‘May sentient beings,
attain the Buddha’s supreme taste,*
[with] amritha** be fulfilled.’

[With] meals already finished,
[reflect that] ‘May sentient beings,
of what they do, all be done,
complete with all of the Buddhadharma.’***

– Manjusri Bodhisattva
(Avatamsaka Sutra: Chapter 11 On Pure Practices: Verse 120-122)

* as what he eats becomes the most delicious due to his immeasurable meritorious virtues
** or the nectar (sweet dew) of immortality (immeasurable life
*** Buddhas’ teachings

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