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Question: May I know what sutra should I recite on my birthday?

Answer: There is no custom of chanting any specific sutra for this day. Birthdays, or rather, rebirthdays are actually literally ‘grave’ reminders that not only are we still stuck in Samsara in this lifetime, we are also getting another year closer to death.

As such, as a suggestion, you might wish to recite the Amitabha Sutra, followed by its recommended practice of mindfulness of Amitabha Buddha’s name (Amituofo), so as to remind yourself to practise diligently to reach his Pure Land, which is also to transcend samsaric rebirth. Happy birthday!


One Response to “Is There A Birthday Sutra?”

  1. Prajnamind 17 March 2015

    We could see everyday as a birthday to recall the Buddha Name. :whistle:

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