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Question: You have probably heard of ‘Xin Lin Fa Men’ (观音心灵法门) by ‘Guanyin Citta Dharma Door’ Master Lu Jun Hong (卢军宏 or 卢台长). In his practice, after reciting Dabeizhou (Great Compassion Mantra) for karmic creditors, we are taught to burn ‘little house’ papers. Is it really necessary to do so? (This question is not linked to the picture.)

Answer: Lu’s group is a cult riding upon so-called ‘Buddhism’. Please do not follow his teachings. It is not true Buddhism as he teaches corrupted teachings. For instance, the practice of burning was never taught by the Buddha or any orthodox Buddhist teacher in history. It is an ecologically harmful and pointless new superstition. Many orthodox Buddhist organisations worldwide have spoken collectively against him. You must read these extremely important articles carefully, so as to not make the mistake of following such cults:

How To Awaken Those Tricked By ‘Buddhist’ Cults
Are There Mediums & Manifestations Of Buddhas & Bodhisattvas Around?

Question: Thank goodness I asked, for I almost joined as I was amazed by his ‘supernatural’ power. How does he have the power to heal people and know about their past and present lives?

Answer: His so-called powers are not real at all. He does not know present lives. He makes wide and safe guesses, and if you observe carefully, he gets it wrong at times, but insists he is right. He does not know past lives. He speculates again and the foolish believe him – when his claims cannot be proved. He does not heal as he simply asks people to chant what Buddhists already should know, which of course naturally has healing effects when done properly.

However, he adds in nonsensical anti-Dharma teachings such as insisting that some general sutras should not be chanted at certain times, and that merits should not be dedicated. These and more confuse and trick people, distracting them from true Buddhism, while he gains fame and wealth by pretending to be special and offering special advice. He also markets himself to be a manifestation of Guanyin Bodhisattva, which all Buddhas taught to be equivalent to what Mara (the evil one) would support, as you can see in this article: 

The Buddha’s Admonition Against Making False Spiritual Claims

Do also read the comments at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2014/02/are-there-mediums-manifestations-of-buddhas-bodhisattvas-around to see analyses of his tricks (and collective statements denouncing his teachings). The crucial information is all there.

Question: I have read the articles and comments after them, which offer very logical explanations. Thank you for enlightening me. I was almost fooled by his cult.

Answer: Do spread the word – share this article with family and friends who might be tricked too!

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  • Yes, be careful of fake masters and cult teachers. Learn and confirm more about them and Buddhism before you join any organisations or persons who performs magic, healing and who claim enlightenment as Buddhism.

  • Yes, sometimes when we are unsure we can be fooled into following a cult or a false tenet.

    Having said that, I also believe that by using our intuition and doubts to clear the air is very necessary. As is ASKING QUESTIONS of the Authorities. However, if by asking questions you are insulting them, then they truly are not someone you want to follow; or if their answers are gobbley gook.

    Buddhism has always encouraged questioning of its tenets so that you are SURE of the path you wish to follow. Anyone who dissuades questions or meaningful answers is a snake charmer, not a master.

  • Every races and dialect translate Buddhism differently. How conscious are you about Buddhism? :face:

  • Any interpretation away from the core teachings renders it no longer Buddhism. The above are well recognised cults.

  • Comment:

    Dear Bro’s n Sis in the Dhamma , With due respect and of no offences intended ; I think u all should not misjudge or prejudge Master Lu as he has actually helps alot of those unfortunate and helpless people and change alot of perceptions of those who does not believe in karma. Many have now turn into a good devotees .He also does not seek material gains and everythings are free not like some cult asking money for every service etc. Please understand his good deeds and gives him ur blessing.

    Reply 1:

    There is no misjudgement. All the comments above show how Lu is devious, abusing Buddhist teachings in the guise of helping people. Exactly because his guesses on past karma are either unprovable or proven inaccurate, he actually sows seeds of disbelief in karma too. There are some devotees who are now in mental institutions. Even if he does not seek wealth, his events require money of devotees to set up and their efforts to publicise. Not all cult masters want money. Some want fame, as part of the five desires. Please understand this and do not give him your support.

    Reply 2:

    【失败,失败,再失败, 简直是噩梦!】

    卢军宏 到底有没有超能力? 神力?

    Interesting video with examples of Lu’s wrong predictions:

  • Re: Lu helped many by curing their serious illnesses without charging any fee.

    Reply: There is no solid medically proven case of him having helped to cure anyone DIRECTLY. Some cult leaders are out for fame, not for money, because they are already rich enough. Also, his events involve much expenses and he prints many books. All these require money.

    Re: Lu told people to be kind. He is a serious vegetarian and asks his students to be too.

    Reply: This is nothing special. All good Buddhist teachers speak of the above. Even some non-Buddhist teachers teach so. E.g. There are vegan Buddhist teachers who advocate veganism, which causes even MUCH less harm to sentient beings than merely being vegetarian – as animal by-products such as dairy milk, cheese, cream, eggs, honey, leather, gelatine, silk… require exploitation and eventual killing of countless sentient beings.

    Re: Lu told people not to be lustful. From the net, sometimes we find scandalous cases related to fake monastics.

    Reply: This is nothing special. All good Buddhist teachers teach their students not to be lustful. All the cases above, since are related to fake monastics, do not involve proper good Buddhists, monastic or lay.

    Re: There are people who claim their serious illnesses were cured by following Lu’s instructions. Eg. In this video: ___ [link removed to prevent misleading readers].

    Reply: Here is a detailed analysis of the video –

    [1] The speech was read from a pre-prepared script. Person (in video) has been going around saying the similar, and might be planted to attract more devotees. There is no medical proof shown of his health before and after the claimed sickness, and none of Lu’s actual help.

    [2] Anyone who practices proper Buddhist practices sincerely (such as Nianfo, veganism and animal liberation, followed by dedication of merits to all beings) might be able to be cured of serious illnesses if conditions allow. (But death is eventual for all.) This healing potential has always been there without Lu’s warped teachings. If a person happened to practise the right parts within what he teaches, there will be positive effects. However, Lu’s warped teachings have wrong parts that can have severe negative effects, as below. As most cannot tell which teachings are warped, Lu’s teachings should be avoided entirely. A glass of otherwise pure water with a drop of poison should be thrown away immediately, because the poison will eventually be swallowed.

    [3] Person decided to go vegetarian for life. This of course creates immense merits that can dilute negative karma that condition illnesses. As above, vegetarianism or even better, veganism, is advocated by all good Buddhist teachers. It is not a special teaching of Lu. Meat-eating is also a common cause of cancer which the Person claimed to had. Removal of this cause of course leads easier to recovery.

    [4] Person decided to practise animal liberation, as advised by his friends; not Lu. This of course creates immense merits that can dilute negative karma that condition illnesses. Proper animal liberation is advocated by all good Buddhist teachers. It is not a special teaching of Lu.

    [5] It is spiritually dangerous to, as hinted in the video, to keep pining for and expecting healing from any practice – because it is the first Noble Truth taught by the Buddha that death is inevitable for the unenlightened. As Great Master Yinguang, the 13th Patriarch of the Pure Land Tradition taught, if there is clinging to healing, even on the deathbed, such attachment will bind one to the cycle of rebirth, instead of being able to reach Pure Land, much less attain healing or liberation: http://purelanders.com/2015/12/30/guidance-before-support-chanting-%E5%8A%A9%E5%BF%B5%E5%89%8D%E5%BC%80%E7%A4%BA-pure-land-passport-section-2 Healing is indeed possible but it should never be be clung to in an obsessive manner. Lu promotes his warped teachings centred on healing only, claiming success for ‘successful’ cases and lack of diligence on the part of devotees for all unsuccessful cases. Anyone can make such claims.

    [6] Lu’s claim of being able to tell the Person had 3-6 months left to live cannot be proven accurate at all. It is way too wide a range too, hardly a proper prediction. Anyone can claim to be able to tell a seriously ill person to have a few months left to live if he or she does not do enough of this or that. As there is blind faith in him, of course, his claim is believed blindly. And of course, the Person did not die in 6 months at all (since the prediction was never accurate in the first place), even living to tell the tale of survival.

    [7] Lu’s claim that the Person had lots of killing in his previous life, which led to having serious illness is common sense, as the most common cause of serious illnesses according to the Buddha’s teachings of karma is killing. It is not a special teaching of Lu.

    [8] Lu’s claim that the Person killed a monkey, whose spirit is on his shoulder and able to kill him at any time cannot be proven at all. One might as well say to a serious sick person that he killed a cow in his previous life and his spirit is living in his cancer tumour. Of course, this too cannot be proven. It is an arbitrary claim.

    [9] Lu’s teachings of the need to burn ‘little houses’ after chanting specific chants before specific times, without dedication of merits to anyone else is totally unfounded in the Buddha’s teachings. (Burning of much paper also creates negative karma from contributing to deforestation and pollution of the whole world.) All the proper Buddhist chants he advocated can actually be chanted at any time, and merits should be dedicated to all beings after as it is an essential Buddhist practice to benefit all, without need to meet arbitrary high quotas set randomly by him. His methods are warped attempts to advocate some special teachings, so that he can appear special, to have unique abilities and teachings, when they are warped instead. More on this is below.

    [10] Person claimed to chant for one ‘little house’ after another, for fulfilling one wish after another. This is dangerous, as it can feed growth of greed for all kinds of worldly gains, including merely healing for health, while forgetting we will all die. This is how the spiritual goal of going towards Pure Land or for direct liberation is lost, thus trapping devotees in the rounds of rebirth.

    [11] Person claimed that miracle happened which reduced swelling of legs and stomach, but this was after the doctor gave medication for it, also as claimed by himself. It is thus no clear miracle.

    [12] Person said he will continue to spread hope to others through Lu’s teachings, saying Guanyin Bodhisattva will definitely save through them. Again, this is dangerous, as death is inevitable, as the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas remind many times in the sutras. Lu’s warped teachings falsely ride upon Guanyin Bodhisattva’s popularity, misrepresenting them. Before enlightenment is realised, true and total physical and mental healing occurs when Pure Land is reached. Lu is also receptive to the claim that he is a manifestation of Guanyin Bodhisattva, when Sakyamuni Buddha clearly taught that those who claim to be the enlightened in our era are on the side of Mara (the most evil demon in our world system): https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/01/the-buddhas-admonition-against-making-false-spiritual-claims

    [13] Person claimed Lu’s three main teachings are to ‘make wishes, practise animal liberation and chant sutras’. Note that many other important aspects of pure Buddhist teachings are missing, such as learning the Dharma properly, dedication of merits and much more.

    [14] Person claimed Lu’s teachings to be a new ‘Dharma door’ (Buddhist practice method). It is not so, as his teachings ride upon and warp proper teachings, having become a new cult distorting Buddhism instead, that confuses the masses. Person claimed Lu is a living Bodhisattva. He is not so, as he is more of a living Mara (or his equivalent), who have driven not a few people to mental breakdown, as below.

    [15] Behind every deluded devotee such as the Person in the video, there are MANY others who have NOT created publicity videos, of how they have become confused and severely disturbed through Lu’s teachings, to a mentally dangerous stage. There are those chanting as instructed… without eating and rest, leading to poor mental and physical health, that affects work and family relationships. Some have even become hospitalised in mental institutes in Singapore. Some might already have mental ailments, that are not resolved by Lu, while some might have gone ‘crazy’ as Lu advocates NOT dedicating merits despite much chanting. If the affected really have supernatural problems, it is possible that unseen beings are hovering around hoping to receive merits but never get any, thus aggravating the problem that might be solved by dedicating merits. This is like waving spiritual ‘currency’ (merits) at the poor but not offering any. The poor might get angry and further disturb the ‘rich’. The ‘rich’ being disturbed only chants more for protection, but when stopping, gets further disturbed by the poor. This is how things can spin out of control. Even with lots of chanting, it does not lead to long term solutions; only leading to long term problems. Also, the chanters might be driven paranoid by Lu who suggests they MUST chant according to his requirements or else will stay troubled. Some even suggest his ‘little houses’ have dangerous occult properties that create disturbances. Again, note that use of them is not found in the Buddha’s teachings.

    [16] The Singapore Buddhist Federation has come up with a warning for all on Lu’s teachings being unqualified to be considered Buddhism: http://tinyurl.com/sbfnotice1 Many of Malaysia’s Buddhist organisations have also banded together to denounce Lu’s teachings: http://tinyurl.com/ybamnotice1 Even China’s Buddhists have spoken up: http://tinyurl.com/saranotice1 If there are doubts on the above, these organisations should be consulted.

    [17] Please read all the comprehensive information in the links in the main article above and here before commenting further. All comments promoting Lu’s teachings, clearly without reading all of the above will not be permitted here, lest there is confusion of readers. May all beings awaken to the Buddha’s true teachings. Amituofo

  • 请分享:



    外道 – 佛教把佛陀所说的教法,称为内道。佛教也称为内教。意思是说,究竟的真理在我们的自性中,返迷成觉、离妄即真,心外求法都是不究竟的。所以佛教把心外求法的种种宗教统称为外道。这个“外”,并不是贬低或轻侮他宗他教,而是在追求真理趣向解脱的修持方法、过程和目的上作了根本的区别罢了。在佛陀示现成道讲法涅槃的过程中,不光是佛陀本身,佛陀的很多弟子都曾修行外道法,最後体知佛法是最究竟圆满的真理,而皈依佛陀,趣向真正的解脱大道。

    附佛外道 -《摩诃止观》云“邪人不同又为叁:一佛法外外道,二附佛法外道,叁学佛法成外道。”意思是外道可分为叁大类:一是“佛法外外道”,和我们常说的“外道”同义,即泛指佛教以外的各种教法学派;二是“附佛法外道”,即指依附于佛法,借助或利用佛教的影响力传布非佛法的内容,以求取名闻利养、自创教派、膨胀野心、扩张眷属等;叁是“学佛法成外道”,即佛教弟子见地不正,表面上信佛学佛,其实心离佛法,行离佛教,难得解脱的实益。这後两种也称为“内外道”,也就是“附佛外道”。特别是第二种,因为有佛教的外壳包装,挪用、肢截、拼凑了一些佛教的教义,再用自己的知见去混杂扭曲,似是而非,对未学佛人、初学佛人、知见不正的学佛人非常有蛊惑性,对正信佛教的弘传、对衆生法身慧命的伤害也就极其严重。







    6、台长声称自己能和观世音菩萨通灵,更有甚者,通过种种方式和途径,称自己是“菩萨”,这种行为和楞严经中所呵斥的阴魔是相符的。大家可以去读一读楞严经中五十阴魔章节。(楞严经五十阴魔浅译: http://book.bfnn.org/books2/1223.htm




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  • > Hi all, I’m here for some help. I’m Buddhism as well but I have to admit that i don’t really practise much,

    It is good to look into learning systematically and comprehensively: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/category/06/ Would you like to receive course updates by email?

    > such as chanting and reading much about buddhism. However, i hold some Buddhism value deep in my heart like not harming other person, not to do bad things and believe in karma, filial to my parent and take care of them, respect them in certain ways, having helpful minded if i able to help and etc.

    This is wonderful, though there are even more profound teachings to learn and practise too, so as to benefit one and all more fully, to advance towards Buddhahood.

    > These days, i had been dating a girl which is my girlfriend who is believe in this Master Lu.

    67, and later 450 Buddhist organisations have banded together to collectively denounce Lu’s wrong teachings: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=833288423474277&id=548187238651065 Worldwide umbrella Buddhist groups in China and Hong Kong are doing the same.

    > Initially i feel nice to be with her, but couple of months later i found something not right as she keep on insist to go to the temple for chanting. The explanation was she could find peace at the temple when seeing the Guan Ying statue. Similarly she also need to burn the little houses. I don’t know how many she had burned and it has expiry date as well if you don’t burn it.

    The burning is not a genuine Buddhist practice, along with obsessive chanting to meet deadlines: https://www.facebook.com/TheDailyEnlightenment/photos/a.123270767724230.24042.114107808640526/1136934539691176/?type=3&permPage=1

    > Besides, she used to chant early in the morning around 8am. As im not aware she is chanting and i keep on talking to her when i was driving her to somewhere. Subsequently i felt im talking to a wood.

    You should bring her to this place for Buddhist counselling: http://dc.org.sg/personalgrowth/free-counselling/ Please do it before it is too late. Some have turned mentally disturbed due to following Lu’s wrong teachings.

    > I was quite shock about what James-1Answered. My girlfriend also did show me those Master Lu shows on how he could flash back to his follower past, able to see the patient house, what they did before life, then giving some advice and somehow they feel getting better. Not to forget to burn a lot a lot of small houses. This is quite hardly get into my mind.

    Lu does NOT see the past. He only spins stories that ALL cannot be verified. He also makes wild and wide guesses, some of which only happen to be roughly correct. Please do not be fooled.

    > Just these days, my girlfriend told me that she really want to be vegetarian. I couldn’t really comprehend all these and i just get to know from some blog that Master Lu is promoting to be vegetarian. This really affect our lifestyle as im not vegetarian.

    Going vegetarian or even vegan are practises taught by the Buddha: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2016/10/how-should-all-aspiring-for-buddhahood-eat-and-drink/ However, not all are required to go veg if not ready yet. One can at least reduce meat-eating.

    > There is a lot of things need to be done. I would foresee we will just quarrelling on what are the food we want to eat. This really a road block to our relationship. Anyway, i would like to know how i should help my girlfriend to get out from what Master Lu teaching? Can anyone give me some advice. I really wish to workout the relationship with my girlfriend to build a family, having our kids, grow old and die together. Thanks, Charles

    The advice is as above – to seek the proper professional Buddhist counselling.

  • There are many false teachers about it seems. In the United States there have been more than a few teachers who preyed on their students sexually or financially, going back thirty years. Some of them were from recognized lineages at that. Seduced by Western immorality and materialism perhaps? In this country anyone can gives themselves a title like Bhante, Roshi or Achan, so beware, beware.

  • 邪教在网络之“心灵法门”
    2015 Video transcript from http://www.kaiwind.com/yc/ft/201509/25/t20150925_2887582.shtml :









    司马南:邪教这个概念,最早不是严格的法律用语,当年把“法轮功”定为邪教时,最早用邪教概念的就是中国佛教协会,因为“法轮功”声称自己是佛教,同时又贬低其他信众,只信李洪志的,那才是“正”的,其他别人是“邪”的。中国佛教协会当时有个《法音》杂志,他们最早刊载的文章说,“法轮功”是附佛外道,附着在佛教下面根本就不是佛教不是“正信”的是“邪信”的。现在从 “心灵法门”目前在社会上制造的这些事、生成的危害来看,说它不是“正信”,是附佛外道、邪教,哪有因为信“心灵法门”,有病就在“法门”里找;正常工作也不做,家庭关系、家庭伦理、母女关系被破坏。所以,中国佛教协会、佛山等地的地方佛教机构对于“心灵法门”邪教性质的认定我认为是有道理的。












  • Re: Lu never teach us to do something bad.

    Reply: He teaches people to follow his wrong teachings blindly, such as rushing to meet stressful arbitrarily given chanting quotas, chanting without understanding, not dedicating merits, not chanting at certain times, burning papers… All these are NOT Buddhist practices. In fact, they are anti-Buddhist in spirit and letter. Those who think his teachings are right have obviously NOT learnt proper Buddhism yet. They should all the more stay clear and learn at proper Buddhist temples and centres. He also rudely and arrogantly demands all to believe in his wild, unverifiable and proven wrong guesses. There are people who have ended up in mental institutions because of him in more than one country due to the stress he gave them.

    Re: All he teach us is straight method.

    Reply: No – he is a crafty con-man who lacks the straightforward mind, by making the great false claim (i.e. lying) that he is Guanyin Pusa, which is forbidden by the Buddha unequivocally: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/06/how-to-be-free-from-demonic-obstacles This as taught by the Buddha to be enough to be reborn into hell later: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/01/the-buddhas-admonition-against-making-false-spiritual-claims The Buddha also forbade the use of false and true supernormal power to attract people to learn the Dharma: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2011/06/when-are-miracles-appropriate In Lu’s case, he obviously has no actual power at all, which makes his ‘display’ ethically worse.

    Re: He didn’t create a new dharma. All the dharma is basically what we all know.

    Reply: This is false. He created new wrong rules such as the above, that distort the Dharma severely. If he did not create wrong teachings, the whole orthodox Buddhist world would be be against his evil ways. Prominent Buddhist federations in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and more have spoken against him clearly.

    To understand more on what is wrong with Lu’s nonsense, many related links on the evils of Lu can be seen by scrolling at http://www.fb.com/DharmaProtectionFellowship

  • Re: We need to embrace emptiness in our lives, rather than being judgmental and attached in our views of right and wrong in the world.

    Reply: Why not embrace killers then, and not let lawful court judge their killing as wrong, and let them go scott free to do more harm? The Buddha taught clearly on right and wrong. This is why the Precepts are taught in detail.

    Re: Sometimes, right and be wrong, right can be right.

    Reply: Right is always right – whatever arises from generosity, compassion and wisdom. Wrong is always wrong – whatever arises from greed, hatred and delusion. This is basic Buddhism.

    Re: Always be mindful of the Skilful Means in the teachings of Buddhism.

    Reply: Skilful means are never at the expense of giving in to greed, hatred and delusion.

    Re: The most important question to ask is: What is the intention of Lu Jun Hong in his work?

    Reply: Anyone with sufficient intelligence can see that he is out to feed is ego (for fame, and donations for sponsoring his materials and events), as seen in his unrepentant proven lies from wild and wrong guesses. This is greed. And when said to be wrong, he is angry. This is hatred. And his portrayal of many key Buddhist principles are wrong. This is delusion. Thus, he has all three poisons, that are intense.

    Re: One thing is for sure, being angry, judgemental and criticize others reflects poorly on ourselves.

    Reply: Lu is guilty of being judgemental with his wrong guesses that he insists are right. Yes, he is habitually angry, rude and scares people with his nonsense too. It truly reflects poorly on him.

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