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Although this information does not originate from any one organisation or individual alone, it does reflect the true Buddhist teachings, and thus all true Buddhists’ perspectives, as based upon the Buddha’s teachings in the sutras, which can be seen below. These teachings should thus be studied and heeded by all who wish to learn Buddhism purely.


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May all swiftly advance towards Buddhahood.


2 Responses to “How To Prevent Being Tricked By ‘Buddhist’ Cults?”

  1. Anthony Lau-1replied 13 April 2016

    Comment: This is call jealousy among buddhist…

    Reply: To think this is jealousy is ignorance of the pure teachings of the Buddha.

  2. PK Ng-1replied 9 August 2016

    Re: Master Jun Hong Lu teaching, in addition to the thousands of houses burnt contributing to global warming which will destroy mankind,

    Reply: He is no ‘master’. It is not Buddhist practice – such burning.

    Re: I still can’t see the positive energy from releasing the thousands and hundred thousands of fish.

    Reply: Animal liberation done properly is good: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2016/06/how-the-buddha-eventually-advocated-veganism Humans are overfishing ALL 17 fishing seas in the world. As such, proper liberation barely tries to restore natural balance.

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