The new year should not [just]
be about getting new things.
It should be about getting a new
[and better] state of mind
[for spiritual development].

– Geshe Yonten (paraphrased)


  • can our state of mind be renewed? As all we are, are sets of memories stored. Perhaps we can bring in new enlightening ones and discard the old unenlightening ones.7

  • Our minds are renewed simply by purposely changing our minds. Even if not, our mind still changes, like a flickering candle flame. A static mind does not exist, just like a non-flickering flame does not: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2015/03/the-body-candle-the-mind-flame

    Memories are not static too, as they can change when recalled clearer, or (re)interpreted differently. Memories are recalled using the flickering mind now too.


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