• All things are impermanent. We shouldn’t dwell in the past. Be in the moment.

  • Respect Haikus

    To pay tribute to
    one who benefited you
    is not always right.

    To pay tribute to
    one who harmed many others
    disrespects others.

    Freedom Haiku

    What freedom is there
    if you cannot freely speak
    for freedom of speech?


    Weep not for him now
    as many already do.
    Weep for his forgotten victims,
    who are further forgotten now.

    Necessary Evil?

    Don’t tell me he did necessary evils for my good, and that I should be grateful, for I did not ask him to do so, what more at expense of the freedom and happiness of others. My welfare will not be the excuse for any evil. I would rather have less material welfare and more rights for all, which is essential for the true happiness of all.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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