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Doubt The Doubtful To Realise The Truthful

Jul. 11 | Be it with skepticism or faith in the Buddha’s teachings, the Buddha welcomes all to question them, all to question him. – Stonepeace Near the beginning of Śākyamuni Buddha’s life of extensive teaching, as recorded in the Kālāma Sutta,...

Verse On Firmness

Oct. 15 | 结跏趺坐, 当愿众生, 善根坚固, 得不动地。 – 文殊菩萨     (华严经: 净行品11: 第30偈) [When in the] lotus posture* seated, [reflect that] ‘May sentient beings’ good roots** [be] firm and strong, [to] attain...

Letting Go While According With Conditions

Jun. 23 | 放下不等于放弃。 随缘不等于随便。 ‘Letting go’ of the unresolved is not to ‘give up’ the worthy, but to be unattached to results while always doing one’s best. ‘According with conditions’ is not...

Grief Haiku

Apr. 14 | Grief that does not turn into strong resolution only cripples you


Mar. 17 | The new year should not [just] be about getting new things. It should be about getting a new [and better] state of mind [for spiritual development]. – Geshe Yonten (paraphrased)

More New Year Haikus

Feb. 23 | Solar new year’s day Was just a false start of sorts? Lunar new year soon! ___ Resolutions made But yet to be upheld well? Here comes a new chance! ___ Yet, every day Is as good as any one. New life begins now!

How To Repent For Disrespect?

Sep. 18 | Question: I did something very disrespectful before a Bodhisattva image. I am feeling extremely guilty and wish to express repentance. What is the best way? Answer: You can prostrate before the image and recite homage to the Bodhisattva’s name sincerely...
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