Do We Have To Relearn The Dharma Life To Life?

Question: Would our learning of Buddhism in this life be brought over to the next life? Or do we have to relearn all over again when we are reborn?

Answer: The bad news is, if we do not learn and practise the Dharma well enough in this life, we are very liable to forget much of that learnt and practised poorly from past lives. This is why we seem to keep backsliding… sometimes even within this life – even for worldly things learnt.

Forgetting the Dharma can lead to a serious situation called ‘The Problem of Three Lifetimes’, as explained at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2010/08/are-you-recycling-yourself-every-three-lifetimes , and as further explained in this article, ‘How Death Hinders Progress To Liberation’ at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2013/04/how-death-hinders-progress-to-liberation These are powerful and valid reasons to practise well to reach Pure Land. More on the Pure Land teachings can be learnt in these coming courses: 

TPBC: 6/7-7/9 (10 Sat) The Faith Factor: Strengthening Faith Through The Treatise On Ten Doubts About Pure Land (Run 3)

TPBC: From 4/7 (8+8 Thu) The 48 Great Vows Of Amituofo: Boundless Blessings For This Life & The Next (Run 3)

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