Should The Kind Be Made Use Of?

Question: I try to be a better person to my fellow colleagues by being more compassionate to them. Sometimes, I help them with their work, which is beyond my job scope. However, they seem to be throwing their work to me, with reasons such as — ‘I don’t feel like talking to that person!’ or ‘He will make me angry!’ It seems that they are taking advantage of me. Should I practise more by being more compassionate about their feelings?

Answer: When you are quite certain that they are exploiting you, going too far, it would be part of compassion too, to say ‘no’ politely, with a smile, explaining why you can’t or prefer not to do the extra tasks. This is part of compassion too as it is for their own good, as making use of you too much is a form of abuse, which creates bad karma on their part. You don’t have to reject them all the time, but at the appropriate times… to get them used to being more responsible for their rightful duties.

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  • Even if they are not exploiting you, my view is that although it is good to help fellow colleagues clear their work but if the effect is that they would be able to avoid those people whom they dislike, then that is not real helping. They have to learn to face and handle those people whom they dislike. Work is work. They should learn to be more professional, and not let personal feeling affect work.

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