How To Say ‘Thanks, But No Thanks’ Virtually?

Question: I had come across the ‘Happy Buddhist Card’ at http://thedailyenlightenment.com/2010/11/an-easy-way-to-say-thanks-but-no-thanks and wish to use it as a response for some ‘friends’ who are overbearing in trying to convert me. However, it feels awkward showing them the card. Do you have other suggestions on how it can be used?

Answer: The card can be used in many creative ways. Here is how you can use it without meeting – by emailing this after filling in the blanks:

Hi _______,

Thank you for sharing about your faith to me.
However, as you can see at
I’m already a happy Buddhist.
Thank you for your understanding.

(If you are curious to know why I am a happy Buddhist,
you might wish to read www.tinyurl.com/bbelief for some reasons.
Please read the preface first, before the rest of the book, with an open mind.)
Thank you again.

May all be well and happy,

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