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On ‘Percy Jackson’, Knowledge & Power

Jul. 6 | In ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’, Chiron tells Percy the half-blood (i.e. an imaginary semi-human and semi-god), ‘Knowledge isn’t always power, Percy. Sometimes it’s a burden.’ It was to retort the common saying...

A Zen Master’s 3 Lessons

Oct. 25 | If you think you are either superior or inferior to someone, an invisible wall goes up between you. Treat him like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. When you let your guard down, so will he. – Haemin Sunim I heard a story from Korea…...

Are Kids Growing Up Faster These Days?

Jun. 20 | Question: It seems that kids these days ‘mature’ earlier. Is this due to human lifespan being on the general decline, according to the Buddhist teachings, in this Dharma-Ending Age? Is it such that  ‘learning’ is naturally sped...

Beyond Browsing

Jan. 9 | If you spend too much time browsing the books of life, you will have too little time for truly learning from them, for applying what you have learnt. – Stonepeace
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