Speak The Dharma

Truly, it is not easy to teach the Dharma to others.
In teaching the Dharma to others, establish well five things, and then teach.
What five?

Teach the Dharma to others, thinking:
‘I will speak the Dharma in a gradual way;
I will speak with good in mind;
I will speak with kindness;
I will not speak as a means of gain;
I will speak neither to my own harm, not to the harm of others.’

— The Buddha (Anguttara Nikaya: A,III:184)


  • Yes, it is not easy to teach the Dharma. We have to establish well the five things in order to teach the Dharma to others. However, we must also teach the dharma through our actions (which is more difficult). But if we don’t practice what we teach, we will not be able to fully understand and explain what we want to teach.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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