• Can I have your address please. I will come and buy it in Singapore.

  • How can I order the series? I dont mind making a trip to your shop front, if any? Thanks =)

  • Hi Piggymag, we’re still planning how to create the best format for online and downloadable reading. In the mean time, you can check out the books in Issuu format at the right column of the main page – http://www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com Amituofo


  • I have all the 4 series that were published previously. Are there any differences in the contents?


  • Hi Ann, this version is revised and with better layout. The changes might be too subtle to be noticed though.

    TDE Book 5 is being prepared at the moment



  • Thank you for the prompt reply. I shall give others a chance to enjoy the books and wait patiently for the 5th volume.

    I must say it is a pleasure reading all the books. Personally, I prefer the style of writing from volume 2 and 4.

    It has been a long wait for volume 5 and as usual I will make the donation while collecting the new volume.

    Thanks for the great sharing. Cheers!

  • Hi, I am interested to order the 4 books, 1,2,3 and 4. May I know is there outlet I can buy 4 of them ? If I have to buy online, can I pay by mailing a cheque to you ? then can I have your mailing address ? Thank you


  • Can I have your address pls? I don’t mind make a trip to purchase the set of books.

  • Hi i would like to collect the full set of TDE and will like to donor by cheque, pls let me know how do i go about it?

  • Hi Chew Hoon, thank you for your interest! We just emailed you the details.



  • Hi Bro. Shi’an, I managed to get TDE Book 4 & 5, but would like to get also TDE Books 1, 2, & 3, which are now out of stock. Would you consider a reprint due to popular demand?

  • Hi Jinzhu, yes, we are considering reprinting due to popular demand, but more sponsorship is needed, for faster reprints.

    Currently, we are preparing other new books with existing resources.

    (We happen to have just 1 older version of book 1 with a different cover and paper. If you would like to have it by mail, you can go to https://thedailyenlightenment.com/sponsor and select the ‘another request’ option. Recommended amount is $15)


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