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To occasionally break a precept
is enough to prevent one
from becoming a Buddha,
as all Buddhas have perfect morality.

While we might not have perfect morality now,
the practice of observing the precepts
is for working towards perfecting morality,
beginning from now.

~ Stonepeace

2 Responses to “Okay To Break Just One Precept?”

  1. But we don’t want to seem like prudes! Lol, so we break them, and say that Buddhism is not about following a list of rules…

  2. Haha, reminds me of this:

    There are fixed rules,
    including the rule that
    some rules are not fixed.

    [The spirit of the precepts
    is more important
    than the letter of the precepts.]

    – Stonepeace

    When observing the precepts,
    it is not a matter of knowing
    if one can do this or not,
    but whether one should do this or not.

    – Stonepeace

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