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To be extremely self-centred
is to be extremely self-destructive
[as one forgets one’s interdependence on others].

~ Stonepeace

3 Responses to “Self-Destruction”

  1. G’day can you please explain “one’s interdependence on others”

    So I can try to understand your point of view, before commenting.


  2. Alone in a Canyon 4 January 2011

    Now that is a double edged sword…
    I have not found the middle ground
    here…I have been wanting my independence but like interdependence,
    there is a trust factor at play here?
    I think my lesson is learning to trust…
    Namaste’ :heart:

  3. An example of one’s interdependence on others” is that for us to exist, we depend on the efforts of many – our parents when young, and those who provide food, water, transport… Nothing exists independently; all exist interdependently in a web of relationships.


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