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42 Responses to “Get TDE Book 4”

  1. Jenny Ho 16 August 2010

    Hi, i would like to purchase TDE4 at S$10 a copy. How do i go about?

  2. Hi Jenny, you can get a hardcopy by going to https://thedailyenlightenment.com/sponsor Thanks :-] Amituofo


  3. Hi Shian,
    Can i issue a chq instead?

  4. Hi Metta, I’ll email you other ways to contribute soon. Thank you for your generous support. Amituofo


  5. Agnes Lee 16 August 2010

    Hi, how do I get a copy of TDE book 2?

  6. Hi Dharma Friends, online bank transfer or by cheque is possible. You can contact me at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/contact-us for details if needed. Thank you again for supporting TDE’s Dharma cause, which is not funded by any organisation (though it freely supports many organisations by helping to disseminate their events and notices). Amituofo

    (Hi Agnes, I’ll check on the availability of TDE Book 2 and get back to you later. )

  7. Hi Agnes, good news – I’ll be able to send TDE Book 2 to you. Will follow-up thru email. Amituofo


  8. Hi Shian,

    I would like to get copies of Book 1 to 3 (I have already visited https://thedailyenlightenment.com/sponsor to sponsor Book 4).

    May I know how I may get a copy each of book 1 to 3?

    Thank you.


  9. Hi Kheng, I replied you by email already. Did you receive it? (Books 1-3 are very limited at the moment!) Amituofo


  10. Hi,

    Good day.

    I have made payment through Paypal for TDE Book. May I know when will I be able to receive the book?

    I am also interested in TDE Books 1-3. Are there still available copies and how do I go about getting them?

    Thank you.


  11. HI Cam, they will be sent to you within these few days. (TDE 2 is out of stock.) Amituofo

  12. Hi,

    Many thanks!

    Will there be a reprint of for TDE 2?

    As for TDE 1 & 3, may I know how do I get a copy of each?

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. Hi Cam, reprints for TDE 2 will not be so soon. As above, “they (TDE 1,3,4) will be sent to you within these few days”. Amituofo


  14. Hi,

    That’s great! Thank you v much! =)

    I hv entered my billing address through paypal for TDE 4(paperback copy) under the name Gan Siew Ghim.

    May I know if TDE 1 & 3 will be sent together? *if it’s in softcopy, I am ok with it too. :)*

    Thank you. *really appreciate it much!*



  15. Er… As above, “they (TDE 1,3,4) will be sent to you within these few days”. Hardcopies, that is. not many left! Enjoy!


  16. Hi Shian,

    Thank you so much.

    I have replied your email and look forward to receiving the books.

    Bless you!

  17. Hi Shian,

    Thank you v much! 🙂


  18. Hi,

    I would like to get (TDE 1,3,4) ,
    is the stock still available ?

  19. Hi,

    I have transfer the payment via paypal. Thanks.

  20. Hi Shian,

    I would like get copy of TDE 1,2 and 4. I would like to make payment by cheque. Who should I address to?


  21. I’m trying to look for remaining copies of 1,2,3. There are almost none left. They will be sent on first-come-first -served basis. (To be fair, there’ll be no pre-‘booking’) There are many copies of TDE 4 though.

    Hi Yvonne, the book will be sent soon!

    Hi Chin, will email you the alternative sponsorship method in a minute! Amituofo


  22. Hi Shian,

    I had make payment and receipt no is :

    pls check and advise delivery date.

    thks and redgs,

  23. Chin Kin Kok 27 August 2010

    Thanks Shi’an,

    I have sent out the cheque. looking forward to the books soon.


  24. Hi Shi’an,

    Can you confirm that you have received my email and that my book(s) have been sent?


  25. Hi Shi’an,

    Just to let you know I received TDE 1, 3 & 4 today. Bless you.

    Do let me know when TDE 2 is available. Would be happy to sponsor.


  26. Hi Annie,got it! The book will be sent in a couple of days.

    Hi Chin, will look out for it. Thank you.

    Hi Kheng, TDE 2 won’t be reprinted soon, but you can read it online at this website’s main page at the right column!


  27. Something interesting to share from a reader:

    Has already received the book.
    Sometimes, what were written on TDE seemed to just answer the questions / frustrations / problems faced at that moment. Coincidental? Power of the Triple Gem?
    Anyway, thank you and pls keep on with what TDE is doing.


    My reply:


    Thank you for the support :-]

    I’ve heard from several other readers
    who feedback on the same amazing phenomenon!

    I guess it can be both due to the blessings of the Triple Gem
    and the fruition of readers’ positive karma!

    Amituofo, shi’an

  28. Vivien Wong 3 September 2010

    Hi Shi’an

    Could I use money transfer instead? I do not have credit card.

  29. Hi Vivien, I’ll email u the details right away!



  30. is there a chance I could take a look of TDE 3 ?


  31. Hi, if I want to get some copies to give away, please advise how much should I sponsor and how do I go about doing so. Thank you.

  32. Hi Tony, TDE 3 can be seen at the right column of this website’s main page.

    Hi Al, the suggested amount per copy is as above. Multiple copies are ok. You can just leave a note on number of copies wanted in the ‘note’ section after clicking the Sponsor button at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/sponsor


  33. Hi, can I purchase (& do donations) the books directly from your office/ Awareness shop @ PKS, so that it would help to reduce all the unnecessary hassles (delivery, wastage of postage, endless enquiries about orders, etc.).
    This is just a humble suggestion, hopefully to do things in a wiser way…
    Please kindly advise.


  34. Actually, the most efficient way to get the book is as suggested right at the top, to click https://thedailyenlightenment.com/sponsor and order it online. The book will be sent in a few days right after. Many received the book that way, including for TDE book 3.

    It cannot be ‘purchased’ because it is not for sale. Also, as at the link above, ‘Though TDE freely supports many Buddhist organisations by helping to disseminate their events and notices, TDE is not funded by any organisation. Thank you for helping to keep TDE a free and independent Dharma service.’

    As such, we can’t afford any office or open shop, though we are still planning more means of distribution. Right now, delivery is still the best means. Thank you for understanding our constraints.

    For special requests such as using cheque or bank transfer, please contact us via https://thedailyenlightenment.com/contact-us Amituofo


  35. William Tan 22 October 2010

    Anyone knows where I can get a copy of volume 2 and 3? Thanks.

  36. Hi William, TDE 2 is out of stock and there are a few TDE 3 left at http://awarenessplace.com/store/hrs.htm (the place listed last) You might want to call to check if there is any left. Amituofo


  37. William 28 October 2010

    Thank you Shian.

  38. Rosalind 3 December 2010

    Hi there, although I paid with paypal for TDE 4, the address on my paypal account shows a UK address, but I live in Singapore. How do I arrange for the book to be sent to me in Singapore instead? Or can I just collect it at Ajahn Brahm’s talk on 9 Dec?

  39. Hi Rosalind, you can either just pick it up free at the talk (no receipt needed), or email your local mailing address to tde@thedailyenlightenment.com for getting it by post. Amituofo


  40. Shen Shi'an 25 May 2011

    Hi Dharma friends, good news! The TDE Book series 1,2,3,4 has just been relaunched. You can get it at https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2011/05/get-tde-book-1-2-3-4 You can now fill in your collection :-]



  41. Tony Lim 25 May 2011

    hi Shi’an

    could you briefly describe the meaning of these commonly recited mantras:

    1. Da Bie Zhou
    2. Xing Jing

    may I know what are its equivalent English version ?


  42. Shen Shi'an 25 May 2011

    Hi Tony, 1. is the Great Compassion Mantra for invoking compassion: http://web.singnet.com.sg/~alankhoo/Avalokitesvara.htm and 2. is the Heart Sutra. I have a course coming up on the latter: https://thedailyenlightenment.com/2011/05/course-the-heart-of-the-heart-sutra-run-4 It’s not easy to explain it in a few lines. Do come!

    (For more queries not linked to this thread, you can ask through https://thedailyenlightenment.com/contact-us )

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