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开阔的心灵 | Openness



(1月7日 – TDE  1)

Had a conflict of opinions with a friend, but was mindful enough to cease and extinguish the anger, and released the tension in the heart before the situation worsened. That’s nothing great—if I were really great, I would have been mindful enough to not let the anger arise in the first place.

I saw in my mind’s eye a small hard heart, and immediately let it disintegrate. There was an open space with a few dark clouds in my mind. There was a mild sense of amusement. I had somewhat made a fuss of the matter—that’s why there was anger. This realisation is funny when you are aware of it. There was amazement too—no heat; just cool niceness. The sudden switch from the moment of anger to peace allowed me to appreciate deeply the value
of open mindfulness.

With this openness in the heart, any angry words which come your way become echoes in space that you can truly hear deeply—without prejudice. With a closed heart, angry words become sharp arrows piercing it, as they are taken with bias, assumed to be weapons shot to harm. He who is open can never be hurt. How can you hurt openness? Incidentally, “happiness” in Mandarin means “open-heartedness”!

(7 Jan – TDE 1)

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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