The Faith Factor : The Treatise On Ten Doubts About Pure Land

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ISBN: 978-981-07-9112-4
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LANGUAGE: Chinese & English

The Faith Factor : The Treatise On Ten Doubts About Pure Land

Written by Great Master Zhizhe, the founder of the Tiantai tradition, and chosen by the Pure Land tradition's Ninth Patriarch Great Master Ouyi to be an essential text, this illuminating masterpiece answers common doubts about the precious Pure Land teachings in detail.

As the Pure Land teachings might seem ‘too good’ to be true, Śākyamuni Buddha emphasised that they are actually extremely difficult to have faith in. Yet, they must be taught to benefit many.

For this reason, Great Master Zhizhe wrote this treatise. In this renowned text, he ingeniously formulated ten very good questions, followed by even better answers, with extensive quoting from sūtras and treatises to strengthen our faith in Amituofo.

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