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The Gift of Truth Excels All Other Gifts — The Buddha

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Why Support TDE?

One of the most widely read Buddhist inspirational newsletters in the world, TDE has been serving more than 31,000 members worldwide since 1997. Your contributions for this continual Dharma sharing project will relieve costs of:

  • Book Printing for Sponsored Free Distribution
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  • Publicity
  • Weekly Research-writing
  • Answering of Dharma Queries
  • Dharma Translation
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Though TDE freely supports many Buddhist organisations by helping to disseminate their events and notices, TDE is not funded by any organisation. Thank you for helping to keep TDE a free and independent Dharma service. By the power of your merits created, may you and your loved ones swiftly attain Enlightenment! (For more about TDE, please visit http://thedailyenlightenment.com/about)

Meritorious Virtues Of Printing Sūtras

  1. Of various past created transgressions, light ones will be instantly eradicated, and heavy ones will be lightened.
  2. Always receive support and protection from auspicious gods, and not receive harm from all epidemics, disasters of water and fire, robbers, arms [fights and wars] and imprisonment.
  3. All with grudges from past lives will receive benefits of the Dharma, and attain liberation, forever avoiding suffering from seeking of revenge.
  4. Yakṣas and evil ghosts will be unable to invade, and poisonous snakes, tigers and wolves will be unable to harm.
  5. One’s mind will attain comfort, with days without danger and nights without nightmares. One’s countenance will be radiant, with abundant bodily strength and auspicious undertakings.
  6. Sincerely offering the Dharma, although without wishes and requests, clothing and food will naturally be abundant. One’s family will be harmonious, with blessings and prosperity lasting for a long time.
  7. Practising what one preaches, there will be rejoice from humans and devas. No matter where one goes, there will always be reverence by the masses with overflowing sincerity.
  8. Those foolish will transform to be wise. Those ill will gain health. Those beset with difficulties will gain progress. Those who do not wish to be female will swiftly transform to be male on the day retribution ends.
  9. One will forever leave the evil paths, receive birth in good paths with upright appearance, surpassing talents, blessings and prosperity.
  10. One will be able to help all sentient beings plant good roots, with sentient beings’ minds as great fields of merit, and attain immeasurable supreme fruits. Where born, one will always attain sight of Buddhas and hear the Dharma until the Three Wisdoms [Learning, Contemplation and Cultivation] grow greatly, and the six supernormal powers are personally realised, swiftly attaining Buddhahood.

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