[32] The Parable Of The Merchant Guest Who Stole Gold From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之估客偷金喻

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In the past, there were two merchant guests, together as travelling merchants trading, with one selling true gold, and that second one selling tūla cotton.


When there was another person that was buying true gold then testing it, the second merchant guest immediately stole the gold of the other that was by fire burnt, using tūla cotton to wrap it. Then, with the gold hot thus, burning the cotton all completely, with the facts of this matter since revealed, with the two things together lost.


Like those external paths stealing the Buddha’s Dharma teachings to attach to their ‘Dharma’ teachings within, falsely calling themselves to have those which are not the Buddha’s Dharma teachings, because of this thus, burning and destroying their external paths’ canonical texts, with them not circulated in this world, like that with stealing of gold’s matter all appearing, they are likewise thus.

[Note: External paths that are attached to the Buddha’s teachings (附佛外道) with similar (yet different) Dharma (相似法), (perhaps to ride upon the Buddha’s teachings’ popularity for selfish benefits), not only misrepresent their own ‘original’ teachings, they also misrepresent the Buddha’s pure teachings. Thus, they corrupt and destroy both their wrong teachings and the Buddha’s Right Dharma (正法), doing justice to none.

Indeed, many of the 96 external paths in the Buddha’s time now have few or no texts left for posterity’s sake, with only traces of their wrong teachings occasionally mentioned and corrected in Buddhist texts. It is the Buddha’s teachings, like pure gold, that persist on, while the false teachings, like cotton, that perish easily, are unable to stand the test of time.]

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