[17] The Parable Of The Debt Of Half A Coin From The Sūtra Of A Hundred Parables《百喻经》之债半钱喻

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In the past, there was a merchant who lent another person half a coin. For long, not getting it repaid, he immediately went to collect the debt.


As in front, there was a great river, he had to hire another person with two coins, after that getting to cross it. Having arrived at that place, he went to collect the debt, but completely did not get to see the debtor. Returning to cross the river, he again hired the person with two coins.


For half a coin’s debt, then losing four coins, both having to take the path with weariness and lack of sleep, that debt was extremely little but that lost was extremely much. As a result, he was by all people as that sneered at.


The world’s people are likewise thus, for wanting little fame and benefits, leading to destruction of their great practices. If permitting oneself to not watch over propriety and righteousness, one will presently receive evil reputation, and later attain suffering’s retribution.

[Note: We should not be so shortsighted, as to, for craving a little of that which is worldly, lose much of that which is spiritual, by forgoing our moral principles, values and practices. This is so as the worldly only brings impermanent and unsubstantial joys, while the spiritual leads to complete and lasting bliss. Thus, even a little of that spiritual is more precious than a lot of that worldly.]

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