Why Be Careful About What We Leave Behind?

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Question: There is an article in an old issue of a ‘Buddhist’ magazine with misconceptions found archived online. What should be done?

Answer: If you wish to, you can write in to propose corrections.

Question: Would you do so if you come across such articles?

Answer: If they are not popular, it might be better to move on to do something else more productive. As there are already many misrepresentations of the Dharma, in terms of articles and even entire books, it might be better to spend more precious time on properly representing the Dharma, and sharing these representations.

While it is fortunate that you recoginse the misconceptions, it is unfortunate that others might not. Thus, we must be very careful with what we leave behind in this world, online and offline, lest we leave what is actually anti-Dharma, perhaps with what is presumptuous, with our lack of learning and practice. Especially that left online, as it might be there for a very long time. It is difficult to calculate the amount of harm and evil karmas that continue to be created, even after our deaths.

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