Why Are Natural Disasters Also Man-Made?

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Question: Why is it said in Buddhism that natural disasters are also man-made disasters?

Answer: If a sentient being suffers from a natural disaster, it is definitely karmically linked to that being – because there must be karmic reasons for suffering. (This also means that if there are no sentient beings affected by a natural disaster, it is not karmic in nature.)

Bearing in mind that the law of karma is a law of nature too, since all suffering arise karmically from the Three Poisons of greed, hatred and delusion, even suffering from natural disasters is karmic in nature.

A good example would be the current climate crisis, which is like the ‘mother’ of many increasing natural disasters. Since humans collectively cause, sustain and exacerbate the climate crisis, these disasters are surely karmic in nature.

Since natural disasters are man-made, we can karmically lessen or disable them, individually and collectively. Even if just one individual is disconnected karmically, even when many collectively suffer, he or she will not. Thus, every effort helps.

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