Adornments Of The Ten Goodnesses’ Path 十善道之庄严

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[1] 以戒庄严故,能生一切佛法义利,满足大愿;
[2] 忍辱庄严故,得佛圆音,具众相好;
[3] 精进庄严故,能破魔怨,入佛法藏;
[4] 定庄严故,能生念、慧、惭、愧、轻安;
[5] 慧庄严故,能断一切分别妄见;

Dragon King, raising the essence, speaking of these, practising the Ten Goodnesses’ path, [1] with precepts adorning thus, this is able to give rise to all Buddhas’ Dharma teachings’ meanings and benefits, to fulfil great vows. [2] With patience adorning thus, this attains the Buddha’s perfect voice, complete with all forms’ excellences. [3] With diligence adorning thus, this is able to destroy māras’ enmity, to enter the Buddhas’ Dharma treasury. [4] With concentration adorning thus, this is able to give rise to mindfulness, wisdom, shame and fear of doing evil, and tranquillity. [5] With wisdom adorning thus, this is able to sever all discriminating false views.

[6] 慈庄严故,于诸众生不起恼害;
[7] 悲庄严故,愍诸众生,常不厌舍;
[8] 喜庄严故,见修善者,心无嫌嫉;
[9] 舍庄严故,于顺违境,无爱恚心;
[10] 四摄庄严故,常勤摄化一切众生;

[6] With loving-kindness adorning thus, for all sentient beings not giving rise to resentment and harm. [7] With compassion adorning thus, with sympathy for all sentient beings, constantly not with dislike abandoning them. [8] With rejoice adorning thus, seeing those cultivating good, with minds without avoiding with dislike and jealousy. [9] With equanimity adorning thus, in favourable and opposing situations, without minds of love and hatred. [10] With the Four Gatherings adorning thus, constantly and diligently gathering and transforming all sentient beings.

[11] 念处庄严故,善能修习四念处观;
[12] 正勤庄严故,悉能断除一切不善法,成一切善法;
[13] 神足庄严故,恒令身心轻安、快乐;
[14] 五根庄严故,深信坚固,精勤匪懈,常无迷忘,寂然调顺,断诸烦恼;
[15] 力庄严故,众怨尽灭,无能坏者;

[11] With the Four Mindfulness Foundations adorning thus, good at being able to cultivate the Four Mindfulness Foundations’ contemplations. [12] With the Four Right Diligences adorning thus, all are able to sever and eliminate all non-good dharmas, and accomplish all good dharmas. [13] With the Four Power Bases adorning thus, constantly leading the body and mind to have tranquillity, happiness and bliss. [14] With the Five Roots adorning thus, is profound faith firm, focused diligence not lazy, constantly without confusion and forgetfulness, peacefully, harmoniously and favourably, severing all afflictions. [15] With the Five Powers adorning thus, is all enmity completely eliminated, without those able to destroy them.

[16] 觉支庄严故,常善觉悟一切诸法;
[17] 正道庄严故,得正智慧常现在前;
[18] 止庄严故,悉能涤除一切结使;
[19] 观庄严故,能如实知诸法自性;
[20] 方便庄严故,速得成满为、无为乐。

[16] With the Seven Awakening Branches adorning thus, constantly good at awakening to all dharmas. [17] With the Eightfold Noble Path adorning thus, attaining right wisdom, with it constantly appearing before them. [18] With cessation adorning thus, all are able to wash away to eliminate all fetters. [19] With contemplation adorning thus, this is able to, according with truth, know all dharmas’ self-nature. [20] With skilful means adorning thus, quickly attaining accomplishing of conditioned and unconditioned bliss.

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path

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