Benefits Of Departure From Evil Views 离邪见之利益

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Furthermore, Dragon King, if departing from evil views, this immediately attains accomplishment of ten meritorious virtues’ dharmas. What are the ten?

[i] 一、得真善意乐、真善等侣;
[ii] 二、深信因果,宁殒身命,终不作恶;
[iii] 三、唯归依佛,非余天等;
[iv] 四、直心正见,永离一切吉凶疑网;
[v] 五、常生人天,不更恶道;
[vi] 六、无量福慧,转转增胜;
[vii] 七、永离邪道,行于圣道;
[viii] 八、不起身见,舍诸恶业;
[ix] 九、住无碍见,
[x] 十、不堕诸难;是为十。

[i] First, attaining true and good mind’s bliss, with true and good kind of companions.
[ii] Second, with profound faith in cause and effect, rather to perish with body [and] life, in the end not doing evil.
[iii] Third, only taking refuge in the Buddhas, not in other heavenly beings and others.
[iv] Fourth, with the straightforward mind and Right Views, forever departing from all auspiciousness’ and inauspiciousness’ net of doubts.
[v] Fifth, constantly born in human and heavenly paths, not again in evil paths.
[vi] Sixth, with immeasurable blessings and wisdom, gradually increasing with excellence.
[vii] Seventh, forever departing from evil paths, walking on the noble path.
[viii] Eighth, not giving rise to self’s view, abandoning all evil karmas.
[ix] Ninth, abiding in unobstructed views.
[x] Tenth, not falling into all difficulties. These are the ten.


If there are those able to dedicate to Anuttarā Samyak Saṃbodhi, when later accomplishing Buddhahood, quickly realising all Buddhas’ Dharma teachings, accomplishing ease and supernormal powers.

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of Ten Good Karmas’ Path

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