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Madness Haiku

Jan. 11 | Who is totally mad, if mostly still able to cross streets well?

Sanity Haiku

Dec. 7 | Use your moments with limited sanity to increase your sanity. (For how else can you do so?)

Craziness Haiku

Nov. 30 | The truly crazy one is the one who does not want to be uncrazy.

‘The Song Of Patience By Hánshān & Shídé’ As Sung By The Bodhisattvas Mañjuśrī, Samantabhadra & Maitreya 文殊、普贤与弥勒菩萨所唱的《寒山拾得忍耐歌》

May. 16 | 古人云:「何以息谤?」 曰:「无辩。」 又云:「吃得小亏,则不至于吃大亏。」   余三十年来屡次经验,深信此数语真实不虚。     弘一大师   《弘一大师全集》   Ancient ones say, ‘With...

‘Seven’ Deadly Sins Vs Five Poisons?

Oct. 4 | ‘Se7en’ can be seen as a contemporary fable on the dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins, which according to Christian teachings, are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. (They are contrary, respectively, to the Seven Cardinal...
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