Cultivate Concentration To Give Rise To Wisdom 修定生慧

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You and other Bhikṣus, if there are those gathering their minds, their minds will then be in concentration. With minds in concentration thus, they will be able to know the world’s arising and ceasing dharmas’ forms. Therefore, you and others, constantly should be diligent in practising all concentrations.


If there are those who have attained concentration, their minds will then not be scattered. For example, like families that treasure water, they will well manage their embankments. Practitioners are also thus, for wisdom’s water thus, well cultivating meditative concentration, enabling it to not be leaked and lost. These are named as teachings on concentration.

[Note: The Samādhi From Mindfulness Of Buddha (念佛三昧), which gathers the mind with a Buddha’s name (i.e. Āmítuófó: 阿弥陀佛), is also called the King Of Samādhis (三昧之王) and the Treasure King Samādhi (宝王三昧). This is so as it is the only form of concentration that arises with mindfulness of one Buddha, who is connected to all Buddhas’ collective meritorious virtues (功德) and all-knowing wisdom (一切种智). This thus connects one’s limited Self-power (自力) with the Buddhas’ immeasurable Other-power (他力) of blessings. Cultivating it is thus already ‘practising all concentrations’ (修习诸定) in essence.]

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings

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