Contemplating Knowing Contentment 观知足

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You [and] other Bhikṣus, if desiring [to be] liberated [from] all sufferings [and] afflictions, should contemplate [on] contentment. [The] Dharma of knowing contentment is thus [the] dwelling of wealth, bliss [and] tranquillity.


Of people knowing contentment, although lying on [the] ground, [they] are still [with] peace [and] bliss. Those not knowing contentment, although dwelling [in the] heavens, [they are] also not satisfied.


Those not knowing contentment, although wealthy, [they are] yet poor. Of people knowing contentment, although poor, [they are] yet wealthy.


Those not knowing contentment, [are] constantly by [the] five desires [for (1) wealth, (2) sex, (3) fame, (4) food and (5) sleep (财色名食睡)] those led, by those knowing contentment, they [are] those sympathised. [These] are named [as teachings on] contentment.

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings

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