Contemplating Eating And Drinking As Taking Medicine 观饮食为服药篇

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You [and] other Bhikṣus, [when] receiving all drinks [and] food, should [be] like taking medicine. Of [that] good [and] of [that] bad, [do] not give rise [to wanting] more [or] less. [For the] objective [of] obtaining support [for the] body, with [them for] eliminating hunger [and] thirst. Like bees gathering [from] flowers, only obtaining their taste, not harming [their] forms [and] fragrances. (汝等比丘,受诸饮食,当如服药,于好于恶,勿生增减。趣得支身,以除饥渴。如蜂采华,但取其味,不损色香。)

Bhikṣus [should] also thus, [when] receiving people making offerings, [for the] objective [of] personally eliminating afflictions, [they] must not [have] much seeking, [that] destroys their good minds. (比丘亦尔,受人供养,趣自除恼,无得多求,坏其善心。)

For example, like those wise, [they will] consider [an] ox’s strength, [on] how much that [he] can endure, [to] not lead [him] with [the] excessive, [that] exhausts his strength. (譬如智者,筹量牛力所堪多少,不令过分,以竭其力。)

Śākyamuni Buddha
The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings

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