Guard And Protect Against Anger’s Mind 防护瞋心

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As anger is a fire within the mind, that is able to burn meritorious virtues’ forest, if desiring to learn the Bodhi path, with patience protect against anger’s mind.

You and other Bhikṣus, if having people coming to, piece by piece, have your limbs dismembered, you should personally gather your minds, not enabling it to have anger and hatred. You also should guard your mouth, to not speak harsh words. If indulging in anger’s mind, thus self-obstructing the path, and losing meritorious virtues’ benefits. Of patience as a virtue, it is that which upholding of precepts and ascetic practices are not able to be equal to. Those able to practise patience, thus can be named as great persons having strength. (汝等比丘,若有人来,节节支解,当自摄心,无令瞋恨。亦当护口,勿出恶言。若纵恚心,则自妨道,失功德利。忍之为德,持戒苦行所不能及。能行忍者,乃可名为有力大人。)

If there are those not able to joyfully and patiently receive the poison of harsh insults, like drinking sweet dew, they are not named as wise persons who have entered the path. Why is that so? The harms of anger, are thus with destruction of all good dharmas, and damage of good reputation, in this present life and later lives, with people not having joy when seeing them. (若其不能欢喜忍受恶骂之毒,如饮甘露者,不名入道智慧人也。所以者何?瞋恚之害,则破诸善法,坏好名闻,今世后世,人不喜见。)

It should be known that anger’s mind, is more extreme than a ferocious fire. There should be constant guarding and protecting against it, not enabling it to gain entry. Of those plundering, as meritorious virtues’ thieves, they are without that surpassing anger. As white-robed laypersons receiving the desired, and people not practising the path, are incapable of self-restraint, their anger still can be excused. As those who have left the household life to practise the path, are people ‘without’ desires, yet embracing anger, this is certainly prohibited. For example, like a clear and cool cloud within, when a clap of thunder gives rise to fire, do not have that responded to. (当知瞋心,甚于猛火。常当防护,无令得入。劫功德贼,无过瞋恚。白衣受欲,非行道人,无法自制,瞋犹可恕。出家行道,无欲之人,而怀瞋恚,甚不可也。譬如清冷云中,霹雳起火,非所应也。)

Śākyamuni Buddha
(The Sūtra Of The Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings)

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