Make Only Veg(etari)an Offerings At Wakes 丧礼只供素食

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— 净土宗十三祖印光大师

As for funeral rituals, all should use veg(etari)an food, not according to (other) ‘customs’ transforming this.

— Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Reply Letter To Zhōu Mèngyóu’s Brothers)

Of such karmically transgressive sentient beings, after their lives end, their family members and kin, should for them cultivate managing of veg(etari)an offerings, to provide support of their karmic paths. When yet to have veg(etari)an offerings eaten completely, and when next with managing of veg(etari)an offerings’ (leftovers), rice slops and vegetable leaves, should not be thrown on the ground (i.e. be wasted). And even with all food yet to be dedicated to the Buddha and Saṃgha, there must not be first eating them (i.e. to express reverence). (如是罪业众生,命终之后,眷属骨肉,为修营斋,资助业道,未斋食竟,及营斋之次,米泔菜叶,不弃于地,乃至诸食未献佛僧,勿得先食。)

If there are those with violative eating and those not diligent, for these persons with lives ended, this completely does not attain (meritorious virtues’) power. If diligently protecting purely, dedicated to the Buddha and Saṃgha, for these persons with lives ended, of seven parts (of the meritorious virtues created), they will obtain one (i.e. with the other six parts belonging to those making the offerings). (如有违食及不精勤,是命终人,了不得力。如精勤护净奉献佛僧,是命终人,七分获一。)

Therefore… Jambudvīpa sentient beings, if able to, for their fathers and mothers, and even family members, after their lives end, establish veg(etari)an offerings, with aspiring minds diligent and sincere, because of such persons, the living and deceased will obtain benefits. (是故… 阎浮众生,若能为其父母乃至眷属,命终之后,设斋供养,志心勤恳,如是之人,存亡获利。)

Earth Treasury (Kṣitigarbha) Bodhisattva (地藏菩萨)
Earth Treasury (Kṣitigarbha) Sūtra《地藏经》:
Chapter Seven On Benefitting The Living And Deceased (利益存亡品第七)

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