[5] Are The Buddha And His Teachings Outstanding?

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TDE’s Dharma Dialogues: Issue [5] 

[As continued from the previous issue…]

Question [9]: Since the Buddha’s teachings encourage the asking of questions, how do I know the Buddha is the best teacher?

Answer: As mentioned in Question [1], ‘there is no expression more inspiring than that of the Buddha’s smile, as featured upon many well-crafted statues and paintings.’ While this might seem surface, it does subtly express the depths of the Buddha’s perfect character, hinting of what lies beneath his most kind and wise demeanour. Arising in an era when there were some 96 other schools of thought, he stood out physically.

Question [10]: Did the Buddha’s teachings stand out too?  

Answer: Yes, in the midst of his dialogues with those of other schools of thought, thus winning over many followers, that eventually made Buddhism a world religion today. This was remarkable as the presence of so many other schools allowed detailed comparing and contrasting of their teachings with those of the Buddha, which he was open to. Undefeated in debates simple and profound, many gladly took refuge in him.

[To be continued in the next issue…] / See issue [1]

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