Inscription On ‘Song Of The Mind And Fate’ 题心命歌


[1] With the mind good and fate (i.e. life circumstances) also good, are wealth and honour until old.
[2] With fate good and the mind not good, are blessings changing to be misfortunes’ omens.


[3] With the mind good and fate not good, are misfortunes transforming to be blessed rewards.
[4] With the mind and fate together not good, is suffering from calamities, also poverty and premature death.


The mind can save one’s fate, with the most essential to retain the benevolent path.
Fate is truly created in the mind, with the auspicious and inauspicious only by people summoned.


Believing in fate and not cultivating the mind, the yīn and yang (i.e. negative and positive) are feared to be false and to be rectified.
With cultivating of the mind, once accepting fate, heaven and earth will naturally help and protect.


This poem is with the two meanings of the mind and fate expressed thoughtfully. If able to, with it practise, then will fate be by oneself created, and blessings be by oneself sought, with the power of creation and transformation, not submitted to ghosts and gods of heaven and earth. To Zàiyù, may you strive hard.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Translated by purelanders.com)

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