Abide In The Middle To Attain The Path 处中得道


— 释迦牟尼佛
《四十二章经》: 第三十四章

A Śramaṇa at night was reciting Kāśyapa Buddha’s Sūtra Of Bequeathed Teachings, with his voice sorrowful and tense, thinking about regrets and desire to retreat. The Buddha asked him, ‘You in the past at home, was once with what livelihood?’ He replied, ‘I loved to play the lute.’ The Buddha said, ‘With strings slack, how are they?’ He replied, ‘They will not sound.’ ‘With strings tight, how are they?’ He replied, ‘Their sounds will be cut off.’ ‘Of tightness and slackness, attaining the middle, how are they?’ He replied, ‘All sounds will be universal [by being well-tuned].’ The Buddha said, ‘Śramaṇas learning the path should be likewise thus, as with their minds if adapted, the path can be attained. Of the path if hurried, hurried then, their bodies will be wearied. With their bodies if wearied, their minds will then give rise to afflictions. With their minds if giving rise to afflictions, their practices will then retrogress. With their practices already retrogressed, transgressions will increase. However, with pure peace and bliss, the path will not be lost.’

— Śākyamuni Buddha
(Sūtra Of 42 Sections: 34th Section)

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