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Honour Haiku

Dec. 14 | The truly honourable are so,even when facing the truly dishonourable.

Truth & Goodness

Dec. 13 | If you appreciate truth,defend and share it,lest it distorts.If you appreciate good,praise and emulate it,lest it vanishes.– Bodhistoica

How To Be Mindful Like A Wise Tortoise

Dec. 12 | 若众生心,忆佛念佛,现前当来,必定见佛。– 大势至菩萨 《念佛圆通章》 If sentient beings’ minds recollect the Buddha, and are mindful of the Buddha, now or in the future, they will definitely see the Buddha. ...

How Managers Can Have Right Speech

Dec. 11 | Abstaining from lying, from divisive speech, from abusive speech, and from idle chatter. This is called right speech.– The Buddha(Magga-vibhanga Sutta) The primary goal of giving feedback at work isn’t generally to make someone feel better,...

How To Prevent Breaking Of Precepts & What To Do When They Are Broken

Dec. 10 | Question: After committing to the precepts, what should be done if one breaks them? Answer: There should be sincere repentance to express remorse and resolution to not repeat the mistake again. This can be done with chanting of the Repentance...

Why ‘Hellboy (2019)’ Is Not Hellbound

Dec. 9 | Tall, large, with red skin, a tail, hooves and horns, the half-demon Hellboy is a reminder not to judge by appearances – both in the fictitious and real world. Even those who seem ‘definitely’ evil might not be so, who might do...

Sanity Haiku

Dec. 7 | Use your moments with limited sanity to increase your sanity. (For how else can you do so?)

Where Evil Starts

Dec. 6 | 一切恶事,虛妄为本。   – 释迦牟尼佛  《涅槃经》   All evil matters,are with falsehood as the root. – Śākyamuni Buddha (Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra)

Why Be A Lapsed ‘Buddhist’?

Dec. 5 | 只看好样子…Only looking at good examples…  – 净土宗十三祖印光大师  – Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng Someone shared a testimonial on how a person gave up...

Those Who Care For The Buddha Should Care For The Sick Too

Dec. 4 | Think of helping yourselfbut give thought to others too.Radiate metta towards all beings.Without the foundation of compassion,the long trudge of Samsara has no end.Without it, how can you enter the city of Nirvana?– Loveda Sangarava “Now at...

Do Bodhisattvas Help Non-Believers?

Dec. 3 | Question: Can those who do not believe in Bodhisattvas be saved by them? Answer: The very definition of Bodhisattvas is that they are those who aspire to guide all beings to Buddhahood, which is the ultimate salvation, liberation from all suffering,...

Is ‘Revenge Of The Pontianak’ Justified?

Dec. 2 | Ghostly vengeance sounds super scary and violent. Yet, revenge means there was wrong done, that seems to ‘justify’ the havoc, or does it? Bearing in mind that ghosts are ex-humans, which ghost is so downright evil, to wish to wreck chaos...
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