Is There A Wrong Time To Chant?

Question: Is there appropriate timing to recite the Repentance Verse, the name of Amitabha Buddha (Nianfo in terms of ‘Amituofo’) and the Verse For Sharing Of Merits? Someone told me they should not be done after a certain time at night.

Answer: No, the above can be practised at any time as it is always appropriate to practise repentance once there is misgiving done, and to Nianfo as much as we can, before dedicating merits upon ending. 

What more, people can die at any time, which means the above should be done then, even if in the middle of the night, as part of support-chanting. The ‘no chanting at night’ idea is a widespread fear-mongering misconception that has no basis in the Buddha’s teachings. 

Chanting that has special requisites are, for example, when it is about offering of food to unseen beings, which is when there should be offerings available then. Other than this, it is always a good time to practise the Dharma, including by chanting.

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