Do Donations To The Corrupted Create Bad Karma?

Question: If I made donations to an organisation now realised to be corrupted, will there be negative karma on my part if they use the money for not so good purposes?

Answer: As karma is created based on intentions accordingly, if your intentions were good (positive), nothing can change that, to create negative karma. Now that you know the organisation’s actions are not so good, you just need to stop donating, as further intentional donations to support the wrong will hence create negative karma. Although there was no negative karma created by earlier donations, it cannot be said that there was much positive karma created – if the money was not put to expected good use. 

If there is some good done with the money received, there is accordingly ‘more’ positive karma created. This is just as a seed already planted AND nurtured well in good soil reaps a bigger fruit. However, negative karma will not be created by you when the not so good is done by the organisation, since doing them is never your intention or action. The negative karma is created by those in control of the money instead – with THEIR own intentional actions.

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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