Some Karmic Causes For Our Suffering

Attachment, anger, confusion
[greed, hatred (aversion), delusion (ignorance)]
and the karma that arises from them are non-virtuous.
Non-attachment, non-anger, non-confusion,
and the karmas that arise from them are virtuous.

– Precious Garland Of Advice To A King (Verse 20)
Arya Nagarjuna

Due to killing one is born with a short life span;
due to violence one encounters much torment;
due to stealing one becomes impoverished;
due to adultery one has enemies.

By lying one becomes reviled;
through speaking divisively, one loses friends;
due to speaking harshly, one hears unpleasant sounds;
from engaging in idle talk, one’s words will be disregarded.

Covetousness destroys one’s desired objects;
malice is said to bestow fear;
wrong view lead to evil worldviews;
consuming intoxicant brings mental confusion.

Through not giving gifts one is poor;
wrong livelihood results in getting tricked;
arrogance leads to a lowly station;
jealousy brings about unattractive appearance.

From anger comes a bad complexion;
stupidity from not questioning the wise.
These are the effects when one is [reborn as] a human,
but prior to all of them is a bad rebirth.

– Precious Garland Of Advice To A King (Verses 14-18)
Arya Nagarjuna

Practical Ethics And Profound Emptiness:
A Commentary On Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland
Khensur Jampa Tegchok (Edited By Thubten Chodron)

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