All Great Trees Were Once Small Seeds

Since all good and evil start small,
may all nurture even minor good,
and never nurture even minor evil.

– Stonepeace | Books

… [Sakyamuni Buddha said,] ‘Have you ever seen the seed of a nigrodha tree?’ [The Brahmin replied], ‘Of course I have… It’s extremely small. It’s half the size of a mustard seed.’

Would people believe that such a large tree could grow from such a small seed? Wouldn’t they think you were lying?’ ‘It’s not a lie! I saw it with my own eyes! Both the seed and the tree!’

‘Well, what I say is also true. That old man’s [coarse food] offering may be as small and insignificant as a mustard seed, but it was offered with a pure heart. Even a small seed can grow into a huge nigrodha tree. Why is it strange that the tiny sincerity in a person’s heart could become the cause for his great happiness [of enlightenment later, with further conditions given]?’…  

Butten Dowa: Buddhist Stories For Children
By Aiko Watanabe 
Translated By Kenichi Yokogawa

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