Is This Bad Karma Ripening?

Question: In my business, if I find many obstacles, with one after another, is it due to previous karma’s ripening? 

Answer: Whenever there is suffering in any matter, it is due to past or present negative karma ripening, as combined with your present attitude and action when facing it – which also creates fresh karma now.

Question: Being aware of the need to cultivate good karma, how can immediate problems be solved?

Answer: It is best to analyse the situation more directly based on its known and estimated causes, conditions and effects, instead of just focusing only on karma vaguely. You might want to troubleshoot the business model with other experienced business folks’ advice. There is need to look at the very nature of the product or service provided. Is it ethical? Is it good enough? Is marketed well? Are customers unhappy? Why? …

Question: Is there some inspiration on karma for facing problems like having bad cashflow?

Answer: Generally, to create better karma linked to finance, counterintuitively, be more generous for righteous causes to help other sentient beings, and always uphold all Five Precepts well, which is about avoiding creating evil that creates negative karma in the first place. Commitment to the Five Precepts also creates positive karma. Remember this Stonepeace quote – ‘Uphold the precepts to uphold your integrity. Better your karma to better your life.’

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