Are Realms In Other Faiths Elsewhere?


Question: Do realms of different faiths exist in different world systems (e.g. galaxies or such)? Or do they exist at similar frequencies (or dimensions)?

Answer: In the Buddha’s completely enlightened perspective, some ‘extreme final destination’ realms described by other (non-Buddhist) faiths do not exist at all. For instance, there is no eternal heaven or eternal hell, as believed by several god-centric faiths, as can be understood at http://thedailyenlightenment.com/2011/08/is-there-eternal-heaven-or-hell There are no Pure Lands in other faiths too, though they definitely exist, as can be seen at http://purelanders.com/2011/12/16/why-pure-lands-must-exist. (Also, not all existing world systems have the same quantity and quality of realms due to different collective karma of the beings there.) 

In short, not all realms of any other faith fit perfectly with that taught in Buddhism, in terms of existing (or not) and with exactly the same attributes (if they do exist). For example, some god-centric faiths see all ghosts as evil demons from hell, while Buddhism sees most spirit beings as ex-humans who have been reborn as suffering hungry ghosts and wandering spirits, who are neither demonic nor from hell. However, some realms of other faiths are agreed to exist, such as the human and animal realm, though Buddhism does not see animals to be ‘created’ by anyone to be exploited or eaten by humans.

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