Verse On Giving


– 文殊菩萨
    (华严经: 净行品: 第47偈)

With hand holding the sounding staff,*
[reflect that] ‘May sentient beings,
establish great almsgiving assemblies,**
[to] reveal the path that accords with truth.’***

– Manjusri Bodhisattva
   (Avatamsaka Sutra: Chapter 11 On Pure Practices: Verse 47)

* Stick with rings that jiggle when monastics walk with it, for warning small beings to move from the path to avoid being accidentalally trod upon. Here, refers more to it when used to inform laity that a monastic needing alms is near.
** which invite all to come for their necessities (e.g. food) without any conditions
*** This is to use the skilful means offering physical food to attract all, before offering them spiritual food (the Dharma) too.

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