We Reap Fruits From Seeds We Sow

While the one doing wrong
creates negative karma in the present,
the one who is wronged
created negative karma in the past.

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Nagasena gave another simile, “Suppose a man were to steal another man’s crop of ripened grains and the owner were to seize the thief and says, ‘You have stolen my crops.’ The thief argues, ‘I have not stolen your crops, you have sown the cereal grass, but I take the crops, so how can you say that I commit theft?’ The two persons argued with each other and went before the king to tell the king about their dispute. Who is right and who is wrong?”

“The man who has sown the crops is correct, the thief is wrong.” said the king. “How can you know that the one who steals the crops is wrong?’ “Sowing the paddy is the root cause. If there is no sowing of cereal grass, there is no root cause, thus how can there be crops?” “So it is in the life of a person. A person, by this name-and-form, does good and evil deeds in this life, and he is reborn in the next life. The good and evil deeds done in this life are the root causes and conditions.”

Nagasena Bhiksu Sutra
Translated By Ven. Guang Xing

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