Project Rebirth: Rediscover, Reflect, Recharge (Round 11)

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Feedback From Previous Rounds:

Dear Teacher Shi’an, your interesting talks on Project Rebirth is coming to an end. We have benefited and learnt much from you… I am humbled by attending your Dharma lessons… Attending your lessons has deepened my otherwise basic understanding of Buddhism. It has also reinforce my faith… You have made the lessons simple and easy to understand. I’ve also made an effort to be mindful of my day-to-day thinking, speech and actions. It’s not easy but I’m trying. So, thank you, Teacher Shi’an. – Licheng

Hi Bro Shi’An, I’ve been attending Dharma classes conducted by you, since February, starting from Project Rebirth, and learnt a lot from you, Thanks. – Eric

I had attended a couple of your previous courses – Heart Sutra, Amitabha Sutra, and recently Project Rebirth… I like the way you teach and have since incorporated some of your teachings and thought into my life. – Wen Bin

Thank you for the enlightening first lesson. This is the second time I am attending your class [because I wanted my husband to come for Dharma lessons] but I still find it refreshing… I still find so much things to learn from your lesson. Your lessons are interesting and entertaining. [We] hope to learn from you… Thank you for your relentless effort to promote Dharma for English-speaking Buddhists! What I like more about your latest run was that you have more time for interaction enabling more critical-thinking and enquiry on our part. Thank you once again for taking your precious Sundays to share the Dharma with us! I am sure we will meet again sometime. – Kim

Bro Shi’an, thanks for volunteering to teach the Tai Pei Sunday class. You’ve inspired and helped a lot of us to grow spiritually. Hope we have more of such good conditions for Pure Land learning… I’ve always been admiring vegans’ determination, and finally inspired to be one after attending your class. I think it’s the strength of group learning. My heartfelt thanks to you. I have got lots to learn from you. Amituofo, Meifong

Amituofo Brother Shi’an! Thank you so much for your time, effort and dedication towards conducting Project Rebirth. I have definitely gained greater insight into Buddhism and putting precepts learnt into practice in daily life as well… The sessions are thoroughly interesting, useful and spur critical thinking… Thank you for taking time to share the Dharma with us… Looking forward to seeing you again! Cheers and Amituofo, Estella & Max

I enjoyed your Dharma classes though I only attended three sessions so far. Thank you for sharing the teachings and knowledge. It’s so much easier to understand through examples that we can relate to our own daily lives. They also made me reflect on some of my own behavior and thoughts. Thank you for all the Dharma books and I have made a little contribution to TDE. These books are good and I hope they can reach more people out… It’s been great attending your classes and I’ve benefited from them. Amituofo! Regards, Karen

Dear Bro Shi’an, Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for volunteering your time every week to share the Dharma with us. Thank you for teaching us the wonderful Dharma! May you be well and happy! May you gain enlightenment! – From the English Dharma Class @ Tai Pei Buddhist Centre

Dear Brother Shi’an, thank you for the motivating and inspiring lessons that you have conducted. I’m also thankful to have learnt a lot from you during the lessons and they have extended my learning beyond the classroom. Thank you for always finding time to answer my queries over email… Lastly, thank you for being such a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher… Looking forward to the other lessons that you will be conducting. Have a blessed week ahead. Warmest regards, Kaiwen

Thank you for your answers and guidance to my questions. Your lesson today on equanimity comes in timely to help me realise how to apply it on a current situation… I has been looking forward to each of your classes for guidance. The time and energy that you’ve given to all the classes are not wasted. I’m sure those in the class would share the same sentiment. Thank you so much. Amituofo, Colin

Firstly. I would like to thank you for the course. For one, it benefited my wife very much. She had a first brush with Buddhism some 20 years back, but in the wrong way. Your course which systematically brought her through the elementary parts of Buddhism, gave her opportunity to correct her misunderstandings… I think similarly you have benefited many others in class. – HS

I have enjoyed your class last Monday. Specially the ‘bring-home’ message of ‘What is the meaning of life?’ It made me ponder… – Shirley

Brother Shi’an, thank you for giving us the Dharma talks. I have gained much knowledge… – LJ

Looking forward to the notes that you will be sending. The [first] two lessons have [already] been really thought-provoking and fulfilling. Thank you! Best regards, Seok Wei

Dear Shi’an, firstly, my appreciation to you for making the course so interesting. Secondly I can associate Buddhism in our modern context better now thanks to your course examples using movies and modern everyday happenings. – Norman

You have made the class very interesting. Your slides are relevant and fun to read. You examples are humourous but make great sense. You are well read and knowledgeable which is very important as a spiritual speaker. Your words are powerful and you made sure that concepts are not misinterpreted. This meticulous trait is also very important for the teachings to be spread correctly. I can see you have put in a lot of effort in your slides. Well, some may say it’s your full-time job, but I still think it requires great effort and a lot of passion to be doing what you are doing, so keep it up! Thanks and I will look forward to attending more of your courses! – Rebecca

Dear Shian, thank you for sharing with us the Dharma, and I have greatly enjoyed your lessons. You have made me realise that life is not just about what we have and want but on sharing and giving with true compassion and love even to those who have caused us pain and rejection. I am looking forward to your lessons again on Project Transformation. Thank you for your effort and time in sharing of your knowledge with us. Amituofo! Ms Tan

Hi Bro Shian! Very grateful to have the opportunity to attend this class and learn more about the Dharma. The lessons were fun and interesting as usual, with many quotes (I love them!), animations/ videos and your own stories and analogies (especially the one about the two arrows which is imprinted in my mind now as I find it so true!) to bring your points across. All of these made learning the Dharma even easier, but not forgetting the effort you put in to organise all the information into concise points for the purpose of the lessons. Thank you once again! Amituofo. With metta, Stephanie

Thanks much! I’ve enjoyed the lessons (1 & 2) so far. Regards, Hooi Ling

You have been doing a great job! Keep it up! – Wenjin

Like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of your effort in conducting the sessions. Steven and myself thoroughly enjoyed every lesson. Though it was just 2 sessions (so far), I felt energised after the class and try to cultivate some self-reflection on my thoughts daily as time goes by… You are a fantastic and interesting teacher. – Pris & Steven

I attended your Project Rebirth class yesterday (as the first lesson) and I learnt a lot from it. – Kelly

Thumbs up for blending (the materials) so well and your good Powerpoint presentation skills. Your sense of humour is remarkable but unneeded to wow your audience. I can’t fault you and think you deserve every single praise as rightly dedicated below : ) – Ming Rui

Thank you very much for the Project Rebirth materials. It is wonderful to have such concise information. I really feel as if I have found the spiritual source I have been searching for. If not for you and your words, I may not found the right path. I will read everything you sent me, and also look forward to share them with my friends. Once again, thank you for offering a very enlightening and informative (course and) website. I am very happy to learn how to apply Buddhism in daily life. Best Regards, Sheila

Desiring to learn increases learning; by learning wisdom increases; when wisdom increases, it brings happiness. Thank you so much, and I wish you all the best. – Cheng Wan

I do find myself progressing better, slightly, as I attend your classes. The course does not only provide me with a better understanding of Buddhism, it also given me the courage to step forward to help those around me. – Annie

It is a great opportunity for me to learn the Dharma from you. Through the interestingly conducted classes, I have been more exposed to Buddhism as a religion itself. It allows me to accept Buddhism in a steadfastly secular manner, where it is a teaching to improve oneself in becoming a better person. Nevertheless, it has been enjoyable to attend your lessons as they are both awe-inspiring and captivating at the same time. Each lesson lays a path to rediscover, reflect and recharge yourself… Once again, thank you for answering my questions and being such a great guide of the Dharma. I truly admire your courage to detach yourself from the corporate world and devote into spreading the truth, influencing as many beings as you can. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours and look forward to your new courses and books. – Jason

Thanks for this wonderful course. You have so much things to share, that maybe 10 lessons is not enough? :-] Through this course I have decided on three things: 1) Become a vegetarian or vegan 2) Take the Threefold Refuge and 3) Learn more about Buddhism. Buddhism does make me a better person, thanks again. – Amituofo, Leng

Just wanna let u know that I thought project rebirth is a good class. – Jarene

Thanks for taking effort to send us the notes. Have enjoyed your lessons very much. – Amituofo, Clarice

Thank you. I really enjoyed your lessons. I am looking forward to the next course… – Best regards, Wai Ling

The last lesson was really good! Cos the last 3 parts have the things that I’m interested to know, like karma and rebirth, Buddhist rituals, and refuge. And I learnt a lot in a single session. It was easy to understand. And it’s interesting too.’ – Regards, Yicai

Thank you for enlightening me on Buddhist thought. I attended your course as I wanted to know more about life, and how to be contented and happy with oneself… After attending each of your sessions, I also emailed your notes to my husband for his reading, and he too, finds them enlightening and beneficial for becoming a better person… Thank you for doing a GREAT job and giving me some inspirations in my life. – Regards, Swee Khoon

Hi Shi’an, thank you for running Project Rebirth. I have learnt much. – Adel

Hi Shi’an… I would like to say that I enjoyed the sessions of Project Rebirth very much. This is my first course with you and I totally enjoyed it! Kudos! – Sze Jie

I was in the class for Project Rebirth round 2… I attended this round (4) as was accompanying my friend. Positive feedback for this round – I noticed that you have more diagrams and slides prepared which helps participants to relate much better to the concepts. – Wendy 

I really enjoy EVERY session. Every session is a golden opportunity to be free from mundane distractions, and I treasure each moment of learning, relearning, discovery, rediscovery and reflection. I am just so full of energy after each session, though my body is tired at the end of the day. Thank you so much for bringing us these sessions. I benefited so much from them. I have a strong urge to continue learn after this session. – June

Dear Brother Shi’an, Thank you for your effort in sharing the Dhamma… Coming from a Theravada background, your teaching is lighthearted and inspiring… Please keep up the good job. – Jasmine

Both my husband and myself have benefited much from Project Rebirth. The illustrations, analogies and video clips were refreshing and easy to relate, thus making the lessons very interesting, prolonging our attention span and ease in understanding. Deep gratitude. Keep up the good work of propagating the Dharma. Metta, Joyce & Andrew

Shi’an, many thanks for all the enlightening Dharma sharing and discussions!… The sessions have been helpful for me to ponder and see life in a different light. Will help you spread the word for the upcoming run! – Han Yang

Thank you again for the very interesting class!… The course content is easy to relate to as the teacher supplements it with the usage of movies and everyday examples. Open discussion of topics related to the course content is also encouraged, thus making the learning process more meaningful. Overall, the course has been an enriching experience. Amituofo, Ling

Hi Bro Shi An, I one of your students who are currently attending your Project Rebirth. I’m really enjoying it… Thanks… Sincerely, I’m looking forward to your next advanced course. Please keep me in the loop… – Ivan

I have been interested in Buddhism since I was young but I am embarrassed to say I have never practiced it diligently. Nor have I joined any Buddhist group, though I have always endeavoured to try and keep to the teachings of Buddhism. I joined Project Rebirth so as to receive a formal and proper introduction to the basic teachings of Buddhism, and I must say I have achieved a better and more accurate understanding of Buddhism after the course.  – Leo

Though I started attending Project rebirth from the 5th lesson, there was still much Dharma for my learning, and I enjoyed every lesson attended. I did hestiate to attend Project rebirth because of the location, but am glad I gave myself a chance to learn. And thanks to you for sharing the Dharma. – Abrie

I want to thank you for conducting this course. I’ve been reading Buddhism materials (although not diligently) since year 2004 and couldn’t understand most of its teachings… Having a busy lifestyle coupled with commitments and responsibilities, I find it really helpful to attend Buddhism classes like this as it helps me to put aside time to listen and learn about Buddhahood. – Caryn

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn Dharma from you. I walked into the class on day 1 with very little knowledge of Buddha and Dharma; as I mostly do self-reading. Now, I walk out with my mind and heart filling with the Buddha and Dharma.  Now, it is up to me to put Dharma into daily practice… I truly benefited a lot from your sessions and hope that many others like me will start this journey with you soon. Till we meet again, take care! Amituofo, YT

About Shen Shi’an 沈时安: 

Shen Shi’an (沈时安) is an independent Buddhist teacher, author, researcher, translator, editor and poet, he was one of the founding members of the Dharma Propagation Division of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (Bright Hill Temple in Singapore) in 1997.

Holding a Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies that covered all major Buddhist traditions, he served as a Dharma Trainer and Project Coordinator in its Community Development & Training Department until 2011, focusing on Buddhist research, writing, teaching and answering of media queries on Buddhism.

He was the founder of the temple’s Youth Mission, a book purchaser for its Awareness Place project, and the Chief Editor of the Web & Library Department, that co-supported, a popular Buddhist education website.

He is the founder and editor of since 1997, one of the world’s largest independent Buddhist inspirational e-newsletters with over 33,500 members, the editor of ‘Be a Lamp Upon Yourself’, ‘The Stonepeace Book (Volume 1-2)’, ‘Awaken: Gateway to Buddhism (CD-ROM)’ and the author-editor of ‘The Daily Enlightenment: Reflections For Practising Buddhists (Book 1-7)’ and the bestselling graphic novel, ‘The Amazing & Amusing Adventures of Sam & Sara: The Zen of All Kinds of Stuff!’ (He is the author-editor-translator of 13 books.)

He also contributes occasionally to magazines such as ‘Nanyang Buddhist’, ‘Awaken’ (for which he was a Contributing Editor), ‘For You (Information)’ (for which he was invited to be an editorial board member), and ‘Eastern Horizon’. He served with the film selection team of a Buddhist film festival, writes movie reviews for, the world’s leading Buddhist news network, and popularised Dharma@Cinema, which is an innovative way of sharing the Dharma through detailed reviews and discussions of both popular and offbeat films.

Using retranslated sūtras and treatise texts, he has taught on the Pure Land teachings at Singapore Buddhist Federation, Kong Meng San, Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Centre and Poh Ming Tse. He also leads the Pureland Practice Fellowship, which he founded in 2008.

He is also occasionally invited to conduct Dharma discussions for youths of tertiary institutions’ Buddhist societies (NTUBS, NUSBS, SIMBB, NPBS, NYPBS) on various subjects, and to introduce Buddhist life perspectives at Secondary Schools (St. Patrick’s School, Manjusri School, and its Buddhist Interact Club), Junior Colleges (Catholic Junior College) and International Schools (UWCSEA, SJII).

He was also invited to share on Buddhism by Dharma Drum Mountain (Singapore), Fo Guang Shan (Singapore), Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore Buddhist Mission Youth, Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission, Wat Ananda Youth, Buddha Of Medicine Welfare Society, The Buddhist Union Dharma Centre, Buddhist Fellowship, Dot Connections Growth Centre and Kampung Senang. He has also been invited to Indonesia and Malaysia to teach.

He was a committee member of the Inter-Religious Organisation, through which he served in interfaith harmony projects by writing and giving of public talks, having represented Buddhist points of view at national events held by NACLI, NHB, NHG, SAF, SPF, MHA, ACM, SPM, STB,, IRCC and MCYS. He was also chosen to be a member of the Publications Consultative Panel under Singapore’s Ministry Of Communications And Information.

He also co-runs, which is a community blog that promotes creative sharing of Buddhism via thousands of articles. He can be reached at tde[@] for invitations to share the Dharma via articles and talks.

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