13 Everyday Aspirations For Everyone

Day by day, may all beings
further spiritually awaken
as they physically awaken.

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On every occasion, pray tirelessly for the benefit of beings.

When you are going to sleep, think:
‘May all beings attain the absolute nature [Buddha-nature]!’
When you wake up in the morning:
‘May they awaken as Buddhas!’

When you get up:
‘May they have the body of a Buddha!’
When you dress:
‘May they be clad with the ability to be ashamed to do wrong and show restraint before others!’

When you start a fire:
‘May they burn the firewood of negative emotions!’
When you eat:
‘May they eat the food of concentration!’

When you open a door:
‘May they have access to the city of deliverance!’
When you close a door:
‘May they close the way to lower rebirths!’
When you go out:
‘May I take the path of deliverance for all beings!’

When you go somewhere:
‘May I lead all beings in the higher worlds!’
When you arrive:
‘May I liberate the beings of the lower worlds!’

When you see someone happy:
‘May all beings find the happiness of Buddhahood!’
When you witness the suffering of others:
‘May all beings be free from suffering!’

– Rahulabhadra

On The Path To Enlightenment: Heart Advice From The Great Tibetan Masters
Compiled By Matthieu Ricard

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