Nuturing The Bodhi Seed

欲长菩提苗, 光明照世间,
应当静观察, 诸法真实相,
不生亦不灭, 不常复不断,
不一亦不异, 不来亦不去.

– 梵网经 (释迦牟尼佛)

Wishing to nurture the Bodhi seedling [for Buddhahood],
to have the bright light [of wisdom] illuminating the world,
one should calmly examine all dharmas’ true ‘form’ as
not arising, and also not ceasing,
not perpetuating, and [also] not ending,
not one, and also not different,
not coming, and also not going.

– Brahma Net Sutra (Sakyamuni Buddha)

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