禅宗十二祖马鸣菩萨 (大乘起信论) 

Of all evil attachments,
each rely on self-view.
If departing from self,
thus are there no evil attachments.

12th Patriarch Of The Chan Tradition Asvaghosa Bodhisattva
(Treatise On Awakening Faith In The Mahayana)

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  • I cannot agree more than that as I have really see real evil happen right in front of my eyes.
    A 21years old person, I have mer recently, is so indulgence in himself that he phycologically tell himslef and other people how good he knows about the legistrative system in HK that he exploit it for his own benefits, instead of using his knowledge to help people. This is definitely a self greed that turns evil!!

Please Be Mindful Of Your Speech, Namo Amituofo!

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