What Kind Of Pot Are You?

May we receive the good and pure.
May we not reject the good and pure.
May we not defile the good and pure.
May we become the good and pure.

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When we listen to the sublime teachings of the Buddha, the Lamrim Chenmo said that we could be like any of the four pots… A pot with a hole cannot keep anything inside. In the same way we should not listen to the teaching with a mind that does not hold them – if the nectar of Dharma is poured in and nothing remains in our mind…

An upside-down pot is like one who is physically present during the Dharma talk but mentally somewhere else. Whatever good teachings he hears is not sustained in his mind. A dirty pot is, for example, like one listening to the Dharma with a selfish motivation and wishing to achieve happiness for oneself alone.

We should, therefore, be like the pot that is upright whenever we listen to the Dharma. In this way, whatever we hear is retained and the mind is not polluted with negative and selfish thoughts.

Practicing The Path
Yangsi Rinpoche

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